Cooperation between „West Properties“ and „Lafarge“

„West Properties“ company and „Lafarge“ company signed sales representative agreement on the new concept of construction and production on the Serbian market „Lafarge houses“.

The agreement was signed with the aim to provide successfull cooperation on the project „Lafarge houses“, promote joint interests and the intention of the company „West Properties“ to contribute by its experience in the sales market to the development and popularisation of „Lafarge houses“ as a unique product in Serbia.

According to the executive director of the „West Properties“ company, Vladimir Popović, common values of the two companies – confidence, customer care and commitment were the base for the beginning of the cooperation. „Our company is continuosly developing and improving with the aim to provide the best possible service. Market development, innovations in the world of real estate and our clients‘ needs are motivating our company to give more. Our knowledge, experience and understanding of the market were the main reasons to „Lafarge“ company to recognised us as partners. I believe that together we can perfectly represent „Lafarge houses“ and express the modern construction of residential buildings.“

Project „Lafarge houses“ attracted great interest of the Serbian audience, mostly by the construction „turn key“ principle.

This includes: 

     • guarantee of 28 days deadline for the completion of the building;

     • providing conditions for the construction as well as the building licence
       (in the name of the client);

     • designing and joint selection of the solution with the assistence of most eminent architects;
       (materials for final processing are chosen by the client)

     • possibility to chose some of the existing solutions as well as new tailor made designs on client’s request ;

     • implementaing prefabricated construction systems and durability of the building
        with minimal maintenance investments.

Also for the first time on the market and within this unique offer made by the construction giant and its reliable partners, potential buyers of „Lafarge houses“, will be able to get the housing loan for the construction of the house with tailor made designs. This way, all citizens of Serbia will have an opportunity to build affordable homes in a very fast, efficient and new construction method which will merge modern design with good quality and safe construction.

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