Support to Investors - a recipe for successful realization of projects

A constant high demand for real estate, along with a small supply cannot be a guarantee that the investor will sell everything if the project is not approached in an adequate manner.

Consultancy services provided by West Properties include advice on what is best built in a particular location, financial feasibility and cost-effectiveness analysis, project management during the adaptation or construction process, real estate marketing, best use of space, all the way to professional management of real estate and the process of its maintenance.

With this, we provide key information to the investor on the basis of which they can make a decision on whether to start with the realization of the project or not. The final outcome of the investment and its potential success should be foreseen at the very beginning, with the most significant factor being the mixture of marketing and sales. Foreign investors know these principles very well, while the local ones talk to us the most when there is already a problem in construction realization.

Let’s put it this way. One of the successful projects West Properties worked on is the Panorama Voždovac. The sale was officially launched on September 27th 2017, when the show room was opened, and by November 2017, 60% of apartments there were sold. It was not a success overnight, as we started working on the project much earlier using a good selection of marketing tools and today, the whole of the complex is sold away, a long way away from the completion of construction. With this method, a need of potential customers is created for a certain building. In addition, sales on this project were conducted in such a manner that a rise in price of over 40% was achieved, compared to the initial price of a square meter of property.

During its 17 years of existence, West Properties strived to always provide its clients with a better way of doing business. Care for our clients and their interests has always been our priority. We consider each client as a long-term partner to whom we provide a custom made service, which is an approach that distinguishes us.

We help investors decide on a location for their project, on its look, on which final materials to use. We advise them on the organization of housing units, including their size, the percentage of certain structures in the total number of housing units, as well as unit layout, all for the purpose of faster and more successful sales, as well as better positioning of the residential complex compared to the competition. Our services include price proposals for each apartment, depending on a number of different parameters, the dynamics of payments, and the creation of special discounts, along with the proposal of legal and administrative documentation accompanying the sale process.

Based on macro and micro research, we are here to give input to the investor, so that they could create a building in harmony with the location and a project that can generate a good result, saving time and money, and increasing the profit by approaching the project the right way.

TEXT: Vladimir Popović, co-owner and Managing Director, West Properties