West Properties rented entire office space within the Ziegel House project

With the completion of the construction of the business complex Ziegel House, West Properties company, which was entrusted with the exclusive lease of office space, rented the last units within the complex.

Two business buildings with approximately 5,500 m2 of A-class premises have become the new business address of 17 renowned companies. The well-designed office space in the city zone, with the use of modern materials and systems, as well as the maximum flexibility of spatial organization, were crucial factors that met the needs of many international companies. Ziegel House has become a new address for Lufthansa, Viselio, GH Holding, ZG Lighting, Metromedia... One of the first clients to trust this project was the fast-growing IT company Embroker.

The retail premises on the ground floor of Ziegel House, on the corner of Rudnička and Nebojšina Street, have become the home of the new Coffee Dream cafeteria Harmonia, as well the new shop of the dm drogerie markt brand.

West Properties’ team, led by Milica Stojković, enabled quick and clear communication of tenants with the investor, especially in the segment of the organization of the business space itself and adapting to the specific needs of each tenant. This approach resulted in the conclusion of a lease agreements in an extremely efficient way. Additionally, the West Properties team has enabled tenants to solve the issue of equipping space, both technically and functionally, through its network of associates.

This is why the Ziegel House project was completed with mutual satisfaction of investor, Trgomen Nekretnine, as well as numerous tenants.